Answered: Question in form of a statement

Last weekend my team competed at our local Las Vegas regional and experienced vexnet connection issues. We were able to practice for hours without issue. We were able to run using the whole competition system. We encountered problems when there was the smallest amount of interference. Things like a wire being within a few inches of the vexnet key or another robot getting with 5 feet of our robot. It even seemed to happen when our arm was lifted because when it was lifting a piece of metal briefly passed the cortex. Between each match we kept trying new fixes to our problem every match and every time we were able to drive fine in our pits. For a while in competition we were allowed to not be plugged into the competition system but that didn’t help. We were able to borrow another teams vexnet keys in our 3rd quarter final match and for the first time all day our robot drove the entire match.

Do vexnet keys normally suffer so much from interference or are ours broken?


The presence of other robots will not interfere with the VEXnet Link.
Where/how do you have the key mounted?

I would like to analyse the keys on my side to make sure they are functioning properly.
Please contact and request a RMA number.