Answered: Question on definition of "score" during Autonomous and referee interaction

It the event a robot is “touching” a scoring object at the end of the autonomous period should a referee “remove” the robot from the field or “gently pull robots away from the Goal” in order to check scoring? Several questions here:

  1. Should the referee ALWAYS remove or pull the robot away to check the score or is speed important and the referee should only check this if the outcome could change?
  2. Where should the robot be placed after removal?
  3. If a robot is moved/removed and objects fall - should the stay where they fall?
    3a. What if a scoring object falls into the trough from the high goal?
  4. If a robot is moved/removed and objects fall on the robot (where they could possibly hinder the robots normal movement) should the referee remove the scoring objects before the driver control period?

Hope you understand what I am trying to get at. (I am referring to scoring objects which may be “supported” rather than simply “touched”)


Dave G.

Robots should only be pulled away when absolutely necessary to determine the score. In the case of determining the score after the Autonomous Period, robots should only be pulled away in the most extreme cases.

A close to the original position, while still allowing for an quick and accurate score determination.


It would remain in the Trough.

No, they should be left where they fall.

The most important takeaways from this question are that referees should only move robots when they absolutely have to and when doing they must exercise an extreme amount care to ensure they disrupt the field as little as possible.