Answered: Question on <G3>

Last year <G3>

This year <G3>

I fully understand last years rule. The Driver should only drive for one team.

From a small school point of view, I can see this restricting our ability to include all of the robots at the events we can travel to. We typically have two Drive Team members at an event associated with a specific robot. The adult advisor has acted as Coach for multiple robots.

Since this year the adult cannot interact with the robot or controls, I don’t understand the limitation as Coach if the Coach is an adult.

We also have had a more experience Driver act as Coach for the newer teams. This rule change will limit the student mentor role.

The last concern is enforcement.
How do we keep track of who is on each team?
Are the team members for each robot going to be recorded when they check in for an event?

Thank You for your time.

I’m assuming your question is coming from the perspective of an event volunteer. We expect that field staff and queuers will be watching to see if anyone is acting as a Drive Team Member for multiple teams at the same event. However, like most rules in the VEX Robotics Competition, we expect teams to self enforce the rules based on the honour system.

Events may choose to do this, however we do not expect or encourage this time of time consuming and difficult to manage effort.