Answered: Question over <R15> : Modification of Motors

My team was wondering about rule <R15> which states
Parts may NOT be modified as follows:
a. Motors, extension cords, sensors, controllers, battery packs, reservoirs, solenoids, pistons and
any other electrical component or pneumatics component of the VEX Robotics Design System
may NOT be altered from their original state in ANY way.

We know that we can change the internal gearing of the 2 wire motors, but we were wondering if we can modify any other component of the motor, specifically any electrical component, which might in turn improve overall performance. If the answer is yes, then to what extent can we modify the part.

We would like clarification on this rule before any modification is done that might be considered illegal.

Any modifications to electrical components of the motors, that are not specified in the manual, are absolutely illegal. Being caught with intentional illegal modifications of motors could be grounds for disqualification from a Match, an entire event, or even future competitions.