Answered: Question regarding autoloader to skyrise section interface.


We are seeing some variability between different playing fields autoloader parts (internal diameter) to one another as well as different individual skyrise sections (outside diameter). Some combinations of pairs are tighter than others, some binding and making reliable extraction difficult if not impossible.
Can an allowance be granted for a minimum looseness to allow a consistently loose tolerance?

On our own and on other playing field equipment we have found that installing 3 steel vex washers (to separate the autoloader split) and a std vex screw in the autoloader to hold the washers in position generated a consistently loose condition.

A helpful side effect is that the autoloader is stronger and less likely to break in competition.

Your consideration in this would be appreciated.

The tolerances listed in Appendix A for the Skyrise Sections and Autoloaders do apply. (+/- 1/8")

This is not legal for use in official tournaments.