Answered: Questions about movement of the High Goal

  1. Can you rotate the the high goal so that the Blue side of the goal is on the red

  2. Can you push the high goal up so it is no longer at 30"?

Both of these actions are illegal and would be considered to be damaging the field.

Furthermore you would also be at severe risk of violating <SG9> which deals with grasping, grappling and attaching to the field.

The current construction causes the raising and rotation of the high goal, is there a suggestion to adjust the field so that this does not happen, even accidentally

If the field is assembled correctly as per the instructions in Appendix A, the High Goal will be screwed in place to prevent rotation or raising. Please see pages 25 & 26 of the PDF document for precise details. I’ve quoted the pertinent instructions below and bolded some text for emphasis.

Seems we didn’t assemble the field correctly :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

You’re welcome!