Answered: Questions about the field

  1. When volunteers set the field, can we do some corrections or adjustments?
  2. If the first action is allowed, when volunteers set the field, can we change the gravity center of large balls but keep their position unchanged so that they will be more likely to fall into the goal zone? Would this action be illegal?
  3. In past matches, the height of the field changes from tournament to robot skills. Therefore, I wonder what’s the height of the play field in tournament, robot skills and programming skills in World Championship this year.

we expect your answers :slight_smile:

You may ask the volunteers if a change can be made. They will always allow for corrections when the field is out of spec, while slight adjustments within spec may be granted depending on timing.

The field heights will be the same as what is listed in Appendix A of the VEX Toss Up Game Manual.