Answered: Questions about the FUTURE Foundation Challenge

I have two questions.


is there any limit to how the solution is presented? for example: could you have an instruction manual in your proposal to help prove to the customer that they could get it to work with out your expert assistance?
could you make a proof of concept robot and a design proposal of the final design’ , instead of the whole thing?


from the description:

must the solution deliver the trophies, or can it aid in the presentation of them in some other way? (assuming it would actually be helpful)

thanks in advance

Let’s look at the requirements:

You have to build a robot to deliver trophies, produce a video of the robot in action, make it of VEX parts, and be willing to sell the finished robot to the REC Foundation for use at future tournaments. The requirements are pretty simple.

The requirements do not include the requirement that the operator can use the robot without instructions, so including an instruction manual would not be against the rules. It is also not required and will not affect judging.