Answered: Questions on some rules that aren't on the rules

I have a few questions so I will do a list.

  1. If there is a big ball on the stash (where you put the Bucky balls to get 5 points) and somebody tries to descore the ball and it falls off the field, do you put it in the goal zone or leave it on the ground?
  2. If a ball is on the barrier, (and they were touched by a robot) what will that ball count as? Same question for the bump.

Those are the only questions I have right now. Thank you for your time and good luck.

We ask you to please thoroughly read the VEX Toss Up Game Manual and to please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting in this forum. Specifically, please quote the rule or definition that your question is referring to.

This question is answered specifically in rule <G8>. The rule is quoted below, with some text bolded for emphasis.

Thus the Large Ball would be returned to the Goal Zone.

Neither the Bump or the Barrier are in any of the Zones. Thus, any Scoring Objects touching the Bump or Barrier and not touching any of the Zones, would not count for any points.