Answered: Questions

New game, lots of new questions.

  1. Is there no autonomous bonus in this game? Rules say nothing about it.

  2. Besides the doubler and negation barrels, are there any gameplay differences between balls and barrels?

  3. Can teams reach over into an isolation zone from an interaction zone while the gate is down? If so, would it be like Clean Sweep where you can’t touch the tiles on the other side?

  4. Can the fence between the isolation zones be lifted? I assume not but I ask just in case.

There is no autonomous bonus this year. The incentive to perform well in the Autonomous Mode is based on the value of earning Bonus Points.

There are no difference between Balls and Barrels from a rules perspective.

Yes, teams can reach over from one zone to another. Yes, teams may not touch the tiles on the other side.

The Fence is a permanent Field Element and cannot be lifted. Your assumption was correct.