Answered: <R1> and Immobile Robots

Firstly, am I correct in interpreting this to mean if one builds a robot that is not able to move (i.e a hand of god robot which remains at its starting tile and grabs and scores nearby game objects and is unable to move), it would violate <R1> and therefore would not be allowed to pass inspection?

Assuming that is the case, would the following robots be considered legal?

A robot which can only travel in a single direction and is not able to turn.

A robot which was able to move at the start of the match but deployed a brake which cannot be retracted that prevents it moving for the remainder of the match.

No, this is not correct. The intent of <R1> is to ensure that teams are not switching between multiple robots, thus we require subsystem 1 and 2 to remain constant. For a immobile Robot, the chassis/base would be considered subsystem 1. There is no requirement that Robots be mobile in VEX Skyrise.

Makes sense, thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!

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