Answered: <R1> Robot Subsystems

Hello Karthik,

<R1> of the vex Skyrise manual states that a robot consists of:

and later states:

A combination of this definition and the ruling in

leads me to believe that as long as something falls under subsystem 3, you are free to change it throughout the tournament.

My question is: Would a manipulator, including motors and pneumatics, fall under this category and therefore be able to be changed throughout the tournament? I am assuming that I would have both configurations of the robot inspected at the time of inspection.

I understand the ruling here: [
but wanted to clarify that motors and pneumatics were included in this definition.

Thanks for all of your help!](

Yes, this would be legal.

Just to be crystal clear, if we have one intake that specializes in cubes vs another intake that specializes in skyrises, we can interchange them throughout the tournament as long as both pass inspection.

Yes, this is legal.

Thanks, we defiantly appreciate the responses!

There’s no need to be “defiant”, but you’re welcome! :wink:

Haha, I think you know I meant “definitely”:smiley:

Yup, but I couldn’t resist pointing it out. :slight_smile: