Answered: <R10> and <R12>

Are the Vexplorer camera and flashlight defined as Vexplorer electronics? Their product pages list them as compatible with the VEX-Red (VEX-EDR) system utilized in competition.

Are analog/digital ports (specifically digital outputs) covered by the definition of a motor port? In particular, are robots allowed to power more than 2 LEDs from a single analog/digital port?

John Mueller

The VEX Color Camera Kit (276-2211) and VEX Flashlight Kit (276-2210) are NOT considered VEXplorer electronics, and as such are not illegal per <R10>. These should be considered VEX-EDR products.

Rule <R12> does NOT apply to the Analog/Digital Ports. Nothing you describe is illegal.

Be aware that eventually, additional Y-Cables will lead to a decrease in performance. (You cannot power 1 million LEDs from a single Digital Output.)