Answered: <R15> and possible string usage

a rope system was made with servo extension wires such that the ends are cut off. would that violate this rule? or does this rule apply only for electrically functional parts?

thank you

Yes, it is illegal to modify servo extension wires. This would be considered a violation of <R15> (quoted in the previous post).

i am wondering what the intention of this rule really is. i see it as a way to prevent the modification of electronic parts thus that motors/power output will not be enhanced.

however, for non-electrical purposes, it is equivalent to saying the modification of metal (i.e. cutting). and since ropes are not allowed for vex clean sweep, the fact that cutting servo extension wires for usage as ropes is illegal will make anything involving a flexible transmission of a force over a long distance near impossible.

the rope system is one mechanism of our robot. is it absolutely necessary to say that our robot violates the regulation even though in my opinion that rule’s intention was to prevent the modification of electronics?

thank you

The intent of this rule is to prevent any modification of all VEX electrical components, no matter what purpose they are used for. This is done for a variety of reasons with safety being the number one priority. By making this rule absolute, with no exceptions, it ensures that nothing is left to interpretation. While this does prevent some creative uses of materials, it ensures for a higher degree of safety and equity for all teams.

alright thank you

and just to clarify, a string mechanism made from unmodified servo extension wires will not violate any rules correct?

Correct. However please be aware of the rules regarding entanglement. Please see the following Q&A entries for further discussion.