Answered: R15a extension cables used for different wire count

R15a states you can not use a wire for anything other than its intended use. My question
is can 4 wire extension cable be used to extend 3 wire cables or 2 wire cables and a 3 wire extension extend a 2 wire?

In addition could a 4 wire extension cable extend 2 2 wires assuming at no point the wires from separate motors interact?

Pretty much can I use extension cables however I want assuming it doesn’t impact the ability of a motor?

Would this apply to sensors as well?

Thanks karthik :slight_smile:

Provided that you don’t modify the wires, and that you only use VEX legal wires (i.e. sold by VEX or identical replacements), this is legal.

Perfect thanks
Similarly the rules state that you may not Y cable off of a Y cable on a motor port. Is usinga Y cable off of a Y cable for a sensor port allowed? Example being 3 soloniod cables going into one port.

This is not legal.

Okay that one I wasn’t sure on. Thanks Karthik and I will see you at worlds :).

(Hopefully not to much)

You’re welcome!


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