Answered: R15aii Replacing Crimped on Pins on Wires

Hi Karthik,

According to R15aii we are allowed to repair damaged wires, additionally it has been clarified in the past that replacing a damaged crimped on pin with an identical one is a legal repair.

My question is if it would be legal to snip just the old pin off, making it possible to then crimp on a new pin? In this process, the wire would inevitably become just a tiny bit shorter, but only a few millimetres. I know that the rule says “functionality/length” can’t be modified, however I feel that this would be such a negligible change and is the best way to repair a damaged pin that many people have been doing for a while. It would be pretty much impossible to notice such a change that wouldn’t have any functional influence, it would probably fall within the tolerances of the cable length anyways, and would be equivalent to having the wire just a tiny bit more bent when it’s in use.

Hopefully you’ll allow a few millimetres of lenience for this so we can repair the pins on our wires. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Yes, this is legal.