Answered: <R3> ramp

Our team wants to install a ramp system, about 3 inches long, that expands a maximum of 1.5 inches from the edge of the drivetrain, giving the ramp an angle of elevation of about 60 degrees minimum. the lowest part of the ramp will be somwhere around .5 to 1 inches off the ground. We want to install this ramp for 3 purposes: manipulating large balls,resisting defense, and looking cool to attract alliance partners

However, we were unsure if this would violate R3, seen below

We know ramps have the connotation of tipping, so we did the math. if the ramp at most is elevated at about 2.5 inches, and the opponent has a polygon of support of about 12.5 inches(a typical short drivetrain), their center of gravity should shift about .3 inches. Would this be too extreme of a shift? I know this was mentioned in <g11>

though this exceeds our specifications greatly, we made a few safeguard calculations. the ramp would need to elevate a wheel 3.5 to shift the center of gravity of a 12.5 inch drivetrain .5 inches. A ramp would need to elevate a wheel 4.9 inches to shift the center of gravity a complete inch.

so following these specifications, would a ramp of this magnitude violate <R3>?

This would be legal. However, please remember that you are always responsible for the actions of your robot, and should always be mindful of <G11>.