Answered: R7(c) and Use of Rubber Washers

R7© states teams are allowed to use “Any commercially available #4, #6, #8, M2, M2.5, M3 or M4 screw up to 2” long, and any commercially available nut and/or washer to fit these screws."

I would like to know if this rule allows for rubber washers. I think rubber washers could help secure pieces of polycarbonate, for example, to reduce the possibility of the clamping pressure and/or shock forces that might cause the material to crack after a while. Rubber washers might also make it easier for teams to create vibration isolators for sensors like like gyro, which is sensitive to vibration from the motors and especially mecanum wheels.


Do you have an example of the washer you’d like to use? There are no specific restrictions on commercially available washers, however it would be best to confirm in the Q&A if a specific type is legal/illegal. When it comes to <R7c>, the GDC wants to make sure that teams aren’t using the rule to get around the general restrictions on structural components.