Answered: <R7> Question regarding Color Sensors and Non-Vex Components

Hello Karthik,
We wanted to use a light sensor internally in our robot to detect the position of a system and wanted some clarification on a few things.

Would the use of a reflective tape solely for the purpose of being detected by a light sensor within a robot be legal? For example, a linear slider has a small portion of reflective tape near the end that would pass under a light sensor when it reached a certain position. Obviously the reflective tape wouldn’t be a Vex part, but I wasn’t exactly sure as to what qualified as a “color marker.”

Secondly, could a team paint a small section of Vex legal material a different color to be detected by a light sensor? The paint would be serving a function, so it wouldn’t qualify as a non-functional decoration, but it should be legal under <R7b> as the normally VRC legal piece would be identical in all ways except color, shouldn’t it?

I’ve quoted the pertinent rules below.


Yes, this is legal. Reflective tape is a commonly used “color marker”.

Yes, this is legal.