Answered: <R7> Robots are allowed the following additional “non-VEX” components:


I would lke to ensure this rule especially the item ii concerning the 2" restriction only applies if a USB extension cable is used. I have interpreted this to mean a team is allowed to have metal closer than 2" if the Vexnet Key is mounted in the Cortex. is that correct? Our robot design this year has a metal plate which overhangs the cortex to deflect falling sacks from hitting the cortex, it is closer than 2" to the Key, but the key is mounted directly in the Cortex. I presume this is still a legal configuration?

Cheers Kb

j. A USB extension cable may be used for the sole purpose of remote mounting of a VEXnet key.
The key must be mounted in the following manner. (See the below image for reference)
i. The VEXnet key must be mounted such that no metal is touching the key above the
VEXnet logo.
ii. No metal may be within 2” of the top of the VEXnet key.

Yes, this space restriction only applies when remote mounting the VEXnet key. However, we do recommend that you avoid having metal in very close proximity to your VEXney key in all cases.

I understand but to date we have had pretty good luck with linking as long as we don’t run the Vex Keys too long 10-15 minutes and then swap them seems to work for us during practice.

Thanks for the prompt reply.


You’re welcome.