Answered: R7b- Non-Vex Components

Hey Karthik,
So in Rule R7 it states robots are allowed to the following additional “non-Vex” components:
b. “Any parts which are identical to legal VEX parts.”
It also states that it is up to the inspector at the competition to decide whether or not it is identical to the VEX part.
I’m basically just wondering if we 3D print identical VEX parts are we allowed to use them or is up to the ruling of the the inspector at the competition.
I mean by the wording of this if its identical it should be "permissible,no matter what material it is made out of.

Stephen McDaniel
VRC# 4874x

The use of 3D printed parts is not legal, as specified in the following Q&A entry.

3D printed parts would never be considered identical to official VEX components, as there would a be difference in materials.