Answered: R7C Clarification

I’m sorry for having to bring this up again, but I feel that this thread has left some uncertainty in what nuts are legal. Before that Q&A, the rule seemed to allow anything considered a “nut” with the proper threading to be used as per

You then clarified that

Which also leaves the interpretation of what is “reasonable” (I have a feeling Android4life has a much different definition than you).

At the very end you clarified even further saying that

Which leaves us with a vastly different version of R7C than we started with.

So, would nuts that have been considered legal for use in the past now be illegal under the new definition since they have “significant functionality beyond that of a vex nut”? For example, using a thinner nut in a place where a standard vex nut wouldn’t fit, or using a lighter or different material nut to save weight.

Thanks, Karthik!

The examples you’ve listed would both be legal. We’re more concerned with examples like using nuts as couplers. Having the additional functionality of coupling two pieces together goes beyond what is expected of a nut.