Answered: <R7f> Lexan Thickness Question

I wanted a straight answer so I am asking here.

From my understanding, we are allowed to use any thickness of Polycarbonate, as long as it is cut from a single 12"x24" sheet.

So, it is legal to use lexan thicker than the specified β€˜0.063"’? i.e. 0.83"?

Thank you Karthik

Please be sure to read the manual thoroughly before posting any questions in this forum. The answer to your question is spelled out exactly in the rule you quoted. To make things clear, I’ve re-quoted the rule and bolded the pertinent text.

0.83" lexan is clearly thicker than 0.063" lexan, thus it would be illegal.

In that thread you said:

So I am confused. From reading that thread it seems like we are allowed to use any thickness of polycarbonate.

Oh, I was talking about the 0.083" lexan I saw at Lowes. I forgot to add the 0.

0.030 is less than 0.063
0.083 (and 0.83) is greater than 0.063

I will quote the rule one final time.

You can use any thickness of lexan, as long as it’s thinner or equal to 0.063"

As said earlier, please read the manual (and past Q&A entries) very carefully before posting questions in this forum.

Alright, understood.

Thank you Karthik.

You’re welcome.

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