Answered: R7L again

The reason they won’t let you use hot glue to “fix” this is two fold.
They don’t want to admit that this is a fault design. We should all send the motors back and ask for a refund.
Second… they don’t want to lose $ buy selling lots of motors.
There is absolutely no reason to ban this for competition, Doh!

I completely agree. This is especially true given the new V5 with new motors will be coming out, presumably next season. They probably have a lot of inventory that will be obsolete for teams as they make the move to V5.

I sincerely hope the build quality is better on the V5 and accessories. With the 393 motors, it is not only a poor design, but even more important, the build quality is very inconsistent. We have had motors with poor soldering where the wires were barely connected right out of the box brand new. Keep in mind that Vex is a FOR PROFIT company.

You can buy similar hobby motors for 3 or 4 dollars a piece… it seems pretty low life to take advantage of a program like to this to line your pockets buy ripping off 14 year old kids!