Answered: Re-positioning in alliance tile in autonomus :)

I searched the forums for the answer but could not find it, so if this has already been asked I apologize.

My question is: can you re-position in your alliance’s starting tile on the opposite side of the bump you started on.

Just to be clear what I mean, lets use a situation. Robot A and *Robot B are on the red alliance. Robot A starts in the middle zone. Robot B * starts in the hanging zone. Robot A gets out of the way. Robot B uses a fully autonomous function (no human help) to go over the bump. Robot B comes to rest, touching the middle zone red starting tile, and not touching the bump. At this point, can the red alliance pull the robot into a legal position for interaction, and/or interact with the robot legally. (for example: re-position the robot, interact with touch sensors, etc…) As stated legal in the vex game manual.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and reply.

No, this is illegal. Please take a look at <SG4>, which is quoted below, with pertinent text bolded.

Thanks karthik!

Sorry, I missed that in the manual.

No need to apologize! You’re welcome.

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