Answered: Re-positioning in autonomous and opponent's starting tiles

For my first question, I’d like to ask if we are allowed to:

  1. Drag our robot over the bump in autonomous to reposition it, while still bringing it into our partner’s tile?

  2. Have one wheel touching one of our starting tiles, then carrying one side over the bump, then placing it on our partner’s starting tile, and doing the same for the other side of our robot, while still remaining inside our partner’s tile?

  3. Have one side of our robot on our own starting tile, and have one side of our robot on our partner’s starting tile, while not physically touching the bump?[/INDENT]

I do realize that this would take coordination with our partner alliance, but I would like to know, so I can plan to make autonomouses that take advantage of the ability to do this or not. There is no rule against it thus far, and the rules don’t say that the robot has to not be touching a field element when re-aligning; it only says that it cannot be touching a grey tile.

Adding onto this question, I would also like to ask:
If we are allowed to drag our robot over the bump/carry it over the bump one side at a time, are we allowed to interact with it on our partner’s tile, such as bringing it back into the tile after it has gone out, then repositioning it and pressing a button on it to make it go out again?
And another question I would like to ask, is if the enemy pushes us into their starting tile during autonomous period, would we lose the autonomous bonus and be disabled? Two situations I’m thinking about that can have completely different outcomes would be:


  1. If our robot tries to go over to their side of the field to block the opponent, but the opponent’s robot is backing up back to their square, and unintentionally pushes us into their tile, would we lose autonomous and be disabled or not?

  2. If the enemy robot intentionally pushes us by getting behind us and pushing is unto their tile

I’d like to have these questions be clarified to me before the competitions start, so I can be fully loaded with different autonomouses that suit the needs and abilities of the person I get partnered with during competition. There are no rules against doing any of these, but I’d like to ask before so I don’t get disqualified by the judges for doing something I did not know was illegal.


No, this is not legal. <SG4> clearly states that you may only handle your Robot if it is contact with your own Alliance Starting Tile, meaning the one that the Robot started the match on. Switching tiles is not permitted.

No, please see above.

(This is a clarification. Touching another Alliance Starting Tile is not permitted)

Yes, you would be disabled, and you opponent would automatically be awarded the autonomous bonus.

Yes, this is a violation of <SG7> on your part.

Yes, this is a violation of <SG7> on your part.

Thank you for the clarification

You’re welcome.

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