Answered: Reasked:Game objects re-entering the field

In thread is a ruling about game elements being reintroduced.

We’ve been instructing our roboteers that if an barrel or ball falls out of the field that they should reintroduce it, by placing it just inside the perimeter at the approximate location that it went over the wall. Since there is only one referee this seemed to be the easiest way to get the game element reintroduced.

From your post it sounds like teams that reintroduce game elements this way will be disqualified.

Does this mean you expect that there will be multiple referees to reintroduce game elements and will that be the case at the US Nationals and Worlds?


We cannot speak on behalf of the US Nationals. However at the VEX World Championships we do expect there to be multiple referees at all fields. If required other event staff (field techs, announcers, reset crews) may assist in the reintroduction of objects.