Answered: Reasking: doubler barrel first

This was in debate the other day. Looking at the manual we came to a differebt conlcusion that was previously asked in the forum. That post’s wording was different from the manual which may make a bit of difference.

So just to reash it or beat this dead horse some more: If the white doubler barrel is the first in a circular goal, it is a “Scoring Object”. The bonus point criteria is awarded to the “Scoring Object” which in its definition includes a Doubler Barrel. It does not say red or blue, but it does say color. White is a color too. Shouldn’t the doubler being first award the bonus point to the team putting it in first?


Bonus point criteria:

I do not see any difference in wording for the skills competition either. So it should apply there too.


Please note the definition of Bonus Point makes no mention of the word “first” and has no reference to the order that the Scoring Objects are scored.

As quoted above, the Bonus Point is earned for the lowest Scored Ball or Barrel within a Circular Goal. Let’s take a look at the definition of a Ball and Barrel.

Thus, only Red or Blue Scoring Objects will be awarded the Bonus Point, as was stated in the question you quoted from August.

Thanks for clearing it up!

You’re welcome!