Answered: Reconfiguring robot during tournament

Are there any rules regarding making changes to a robot during the course of a competition, specifically the World Championships?

We are considering adding a device to our robot, let’s say on the front. Assume that this device is perfectly legal, and we go through inspection cleanly. Assuming that it would not change the overall dimensions of our robot (still within 18" by 18" by 18"), would it be legal, between rounds, to move the device to another part of our robot? For example, could we remove the device from the front and then add the device to the back or side of the robot?

I see rule <R2>a which says:
“If significant changes are made to a robot, it must be re-inspected before it will be allowed to compete.”

In my scenario above, would this be considered a significant change?



The changes you described are legal, but not significant enough to require a re-inspection.

Thanks very much for the clarification.


You’re welcome!