Answered: Referee actions after autonomous

During the autonomous portion of a VRC match sometimes the outcome isn’t exactly what a team may desire. Perhaps due to selection of the wrong program, sensor “issues” or unintended interaction with another robot the results may be catastrophic leading to tangled or fallen robots. Failure, be it self-inflicted or otherwise induced, during the first 15 seconds could end a team’s entire match.

In the SkyRise Game Manual there is no reference to referee actions between autonomous and driver control periods. Would the GDC please consider approving specific permissions for referees to untangle and right fallen robots after the autonomous period. I raise this because these actions are written into FTC game rules and from observation teams are prepared to take more risks with sophisticated autonomous routines as a result. VRC teams however must carefully weigh the risks since failure may well prove fatal.

The GDC will take your feedback into consideration for future VRC games.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

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