Answered: Referee Placing Elements

In one of our elimination matches we requested a timeout and we know we had to have everything placed in before the timer ends. While doing so everything was fine however the preload was not placed in time and so since we were taking too long the referee took the preload from us and placed the preload for us. While doing so he had released our claw and anti tips so we were out of the 18x18x18. When we told him we will set it up again he said leave it and so then he made us place the robot in the field and he put the preload wherever he preferred. As a result our autonomous was misaligned and we tipped for the remainder of the match.

We told him that it wasn’t fair and it was match affecting because we tipped and it was a 2v1. But we did not get a rematch.

Was the decision made by the ref correct or incorrect?

Thank you.

Rule <G6> states (some text bolded for emphasis)

Since it seems that you did not place your Robot promptly, the referee was within her/his rights to reposition your Robot and/or Preload. Typically this is reserved for extreme circumstances.

At this point your Robot is late for the Match and outside the starting configuration. Some referees would have had you remove your robot from the field.

We cannot issue a blanket ruling based on a snapshot of an event, however it does seem like the referee acted properly based on what has been described.