Answered: rematch?

At an event, my claw got stuck underneath the ring and this happened during the qualification matches and the playoffs. When we spoke to the head ref, he told us that it was our fault for driving under the ring. However, the field was set up in a way that the field perimeter wasn’t flush with the tiles (you could see the floor/space between the field perimeter and the field tile), so our claw got stuck underneath the field perimeter when we went to go get a star from the corner. It was match affecting becasue this stalled us out when we tried to get out and we lost the matches we played when this happened. We asked respectfully for a rematch but the head ref said no. According to the rules, i know that the head ref has the final say, so we respected what he said. I just wanted to clarify that his ruling was correct in that situation and if it were to happen at another event, would a rematch be a solution?

For the purposes of answering your question, we are assuming that by “ring”, you mean “Field Perimeter”. If this is incorrect, please post a new question and kindly clarify what you mean when you say “ring”.

We’re unable to issue blanket rulings based on this type of description, as there are not enough details to determine if a replay was warranted. An incorrectly setup playing field could be a valid reason for a replay, however, in general replays are only issued in very rare circumstances.