Answered: Remote Usage During Autonomous: Preventing Accidental Robot Damage

Hello Karthik,

In this thread, you said that teams are not allowed to touch their remote controls during autonomous. Is it allowed to turn off the joystick if the robot is clearly about to damage or is currently damaging either itself or the field?

I have seen occasions where a robot is misprogrammed or misses a cue from the field to start its next motion which results in the robot either running into and damaging the field or damaging itself. None of those are good things to have happen, so I would say that if the robot is damaging itself or the field, teams should be allowed to turn off the joystick to prevent further damage.

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This is only allowed if permission is granted from a referee or field staff. Referees and field staff should only grant this permission if there is an imminent safety risk posed by the robot.

Got it, I wanted to make sure something like this doesn’t happen and accidental semantics gets a team in trouble. Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!

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