Answered: Renamed -- Definition of Scored & Disabled

According to Clause 2 of the definition of scored, it says that a scoring sack is scored for being on the floor goal if it is not touching any other foam tiles. Would it still be considered scored if the scoring objects were over the scoring tile, but not touching it? Also, what happens if a scoring objects is touching the lexan wall, will this still be scored?

My last questions is about a word I found in <SG7>

What is the definition of “Disabled”? When an alliance does something against the rules, and they are disabled, do they have to put there controllers down for the remainder of the match? Is their robot moved to the side, or out of the playing field?

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The definition you have quoted is fairly clear. The Scoring Object MUST be touching the Floor Goal.

Yes, touching the lexan wall has no impact on the definition of Scored.

Disabled teams will be told to place their controllers on the ground for the duration of the match.

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Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry for the bad title, wasn’t to sure what to name it.

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Something to add. What happens when a scoring object is touching a starting tile, but is breaking the plane of a field tile, but it is not touching the field tile. Does this change the score?

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If the Scoring Object is touching a Floor Goal and not touching any other foam tiles, it counts as being Scored. Whether it breaks the plane of another tile is irrelevant, hence not being mentioned in the rule.