Answered: Renamed: Elevating and <SG14>

I went to a competition recently and this one team backed up against the ring and use the edges of the ring to help lift their alliance. their lift was a fork lift style and since the weight of the alliance bot is tipping the forward, they used the ring’s edges to help support the weight and prevent it from falling forward. I was just wondering if this is legal.

For the purposes of answering this question, we are going to assume that when you “ring” you mean the field perimeter. If this assumption is incorrect, please ask your question again and explain what you mean by “ring”.

What you’ve described is legal if the team manages to do so without grasping, grappling, or attaching to the field perimeter or any other Field Elements. Mechanisms that react against multiple sides of a field element in an effort to latch onto a Field Element are prohibited. This can be be seen in <SG14>.