Answered: [Renamed] Raising above 18" - Relative to the tiles or Robot?

I understand that the rules state, “<SG10> Robots may expand beyond their normal maximum perimeter of 18” by 18” only while completely within the volume of the Climbing Zone. Robots may expand above the 18” height limit while completely within the volume of the Climbing Zone and with less than thirty seconds (0:30) left in the Match.”
I was wondering if a robot could be lifted more than 18" above the mat before that 30 second match, or can it not extend past 18" from the bottom of its wheel any time before that.

This was addressed in the following previous Q&A:

I’ve copied the response and posted it here as well for clarity:

“Your Robot can only become taller than 18” during the last 0:30 of the Match and while completely within the Climbing Zone. However, please remember that height is measured as if the Robot were on the foam tiles. There’s nothing preventing a Robot from being lifted by, or climbing onto, another Robot at anytime during the Match, provided that the Robot’s own height does not expand beyond 18"."