Answered: Renamed: Removing Balls from Goals

Hello Karthik!

I am wondering about the legality of a theoretical mechanism. As I read <SG12> and <SG9>, I see that robots may not “break the plane of the goal” or “remove any scoring objects from any goal during the match.”

However, provided that a mechanism does not break the plane of the goal or touch any objects in any way until they are no longer within the plane of the goal, would that be legal since the robot is not directly removing or descoring anything?

I thought there was enough ambiguity to clarify this, and I have some ideas I’d like to try out if this is in fact legal :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time!

No this would not be legal. Robots cannot remove Scoring Objects from Goals. So if you’ve come up with some sort of fan or suction device to suck Balls out of the Goal without touching them, this would still be considered removing Balls from the Goal, thus it would be illegal.