Answered: Renamed: Scored in High Goal and Trough

This may be weeding much too much into a rule, but as the rule change to Scoring has been clarafied, if a sack were to be scored in a high goal, but were hang off onto the opposing teams low goal would this count. As for example, say a sack is scored in blues high goal, but a some of it is hanging off into the red trough side, braking the invisible plane that is stated, would that be scored for both a red trough and a blue high goal.
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Please make sure to read the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting a question. Specifically item 1, which discusses reading and searching the VEX Sack Attack Game Manual before posting,

The definition of Scored addresses your exact question. I’ve quoted the definition and bolded pertinent text.

Thus any Object which could be considered Scored in both a High Goal and a Trough, would only count in the High Goal.

Alrighty Thank you, I wasn’t sure it the fact of diffrent colors would have an effect or not.

You’re welcome.