Answered: Replacing VEXnet USB Adapter Key On Joystick Mid-match

If the VEXnet USB Adapter Key on the joystick fails mid-match, can it be replaced with another provided we have a replacement key with us at the field?

The only rule I found regarding Joysticks was

However, I don’t believe “no modification of these transmitters” is referring to changing keys in the middle of the match, correct?

No, this is not allowed. Teams are never allowed to introduce any thing to the field that is not a Driver Control Load during the match.

Just to be clear, I was referring to replacing the VEXnet key on the joystick, not on the cortex. Does your previously posted ruling only apply to replacing the cortex’s key, or both the cortex’s key and joystick’s key?
If it is the latter case, is this just a rule I missed? Or is it just “common sense?”

That was my mistake. There are no rules preventing you from replacing the VEXnet key on the VEXnet Joystick. Sorry for the confusion!

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome!