Answered: Replay situation at an event

There was a situation at an event this weekend that I had questions about, as this was something neither myself or other volunteers had experienced in our years of doing VEX.

During a qualification match, there was a circumstance where a robot had committed 2 match affecting fouls. In this case, the offending robot (red alliance) was disqualified, as it was also a case of them being warned multiple times. One rule was breaking the plane of the goal in an attempt to score balls in the low goal.

When scoring the match however, the referees counted it normally, and the match was scored as a red alliance victory. After further discussion, the referee watching the match took count of all the game objects that were illegally scored by the offending robot, and did not count those towards the official match score.

The result was still a red alliance victory.

The blue alliance raised protest, particularly in the fact that the non-offending red alliance robot still benefit after their partner was DQ’d. I mentioned at this point per the rules in the manual, there was nothing I found in the manual that I could change.

We had a REC Representative at the event, and she mentioned that in the case of particularly egregious or match affecting fouls, that a match replay could be granted. This was replay was done with the original offending team not being in the match. This was new to us, and we had no precedent that myself or other volunteers could find, either in the rules or forum posts.

So my question is, are there situations at an event where matches can be replayed in the case of an disqualification due to an egregious foul? And as a followup, even if a robot scores game objects illegally those should still be counted as though they were scored legally, correct?

No, this is not permitted in the rules. Also, there is no situation that calls for a replay with a team being removed from the Match.

Yes, this is correct.

Thanks Karthik, I’ll keep this in mind for future competitions.

You’re welcome!