Answered: Replayed matches

Hi Karthik,

Further to this question, if a match had to be replayed (due to a field issue), would the robots be required to start on the same starting tiles? Or could, for example, the red alliance swap their interaction and isolation robots around for the replayed match?

Also, the manual states regarding elimination matches:

I’m assuming the use of the word “replayed” in this instance is different to the usage in terms of if there was a field failure?
Or does this mean in the event of a tied match the same answers given to the above instances still apply?

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Your assumption is correct. Matches play as a result of ties are not considered replays. Teams may switch robots for these matches as per the rules set out in the VEX Gateway Game Manual.

Thanks Karthik!

As for the first part of my question, for which an answer was not given,

Would the starting positions of the robots be required to be the same for the replayed match?

Thanks again.

Sorry, missed that on the first read.

Teams are allowed to switch the starting position of their robots, provided that it is done promptly and rule <G5> is not violated. Referees have the right to reject a starting position switch if it cannot be completed in a timely manner.

Thanks again Karthik!

You’re welcome!