Answered: repositioning in autonomous

I’m sorry if these are basic questions but they have come up in recent tournaments with different interpretations and I would appreciate clarification.

First, what is the definition of a robot having left the starting tile? Any part of the robot leaving the tile or the entire robot?

Second, if a robot should tip over backwards while extending in autonomous, either a) never leaving the starting tile but falling on its back completely on the tile or b) partially moving off the starting tile and falling back with the extended arm leaning on the wall, is a team allowed to stand the robot back up? An argument has been made that this should be considered repositioning the robot relative to the field.


If this question is in regards to <SG5>, this rule is intended to fix robots that cannot move at the start of the match. So for the purposes of this rule, if the robot has moved at all, you are not allowed to interact with it.

Yes, this would be considered a legal repositioning, as long all other portions of <SG4> are obeyed.

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

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