Answered: Repositioning in programming skills

Hello. I’d like some clarification on what is allowed for repositioning in programming skills. In Appendix C of the Vex Toss Up game manual, it states that “all the rules from ‘The Game’ section of the manual apply to the Programming Skills Challenge, unless otherwise specified.”

In the Game manual, <SG4> states that “Drivers and Coaches may only interact with a Robot if it is touching their own Alliance Starting

I do realize that you are allowed to reposition the robot in programming skills, in both of the starting squares the robot is on, so long as it is not touching a grey tile, however:

Are you allowed to carry one side of the robot over the bump, then have that side of the robot be on one starting tile, and the other be on the other, while the underside of the robot is not touching the bump at all?

I asked a similar question to this, however that was for autonomous period, not programming skills. I believe this question will yield a different answer, because is worded a bit differently than <SG4> is, as it states,

"Drivers and Coaches may only interact with a Robot if it is touching an Alliance Starting Tile of the same color as the one they started on and no part of the Robot is touching a gray foam tile".

does not say that it has to be the same tile, however, just the same color.

You may not transfer the Robot across Alliance Starting Tiles during legal autonomous interaction. You may not legally interact with the Robot if it is touching more than one Alliance Starting Tile. This applies in both the regular matches and the Programming Skills Challenge.

Thank you for the quick response.

You’re welcome!

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