Answered: "Repositioning" Question

At our last competition we ran into an issue I thought needed to be addressed.

We ran into a time constraint and we unable to tweak a portion of our autonomous before a match. We were not confident that the begininning portion of our auto would work properly, but we knew the second half would.

To quickly remedy this, we decided to leave the code the same, and just adjust the bot on the field. At the very, very start of the match, we had a member of our team grab the frame of our bot and lean it back on a tip-support C-channel.

At this point, the bot ran through its steps in the autonomous (raising lift, driving forward, running intake, etc.) without the wheels touching the ground.

We then leaned the bot back forward and ran the portion of the program we were confident would work.

The bot never left contact with the floor, but its wheels were simply “disabled”.

This was ruled as illegal because the ref saw the act as changing the orientation. I obviously do not agree with this because our bot never left the tile, never was picked up, and was allowed to run its program normally, just without the wheels touching.

So, my question is, at the start of a match, is it legal to lean your bot back, (while always touching the tile) to prevent a portion of your autonomous from running?

Thanks for your time!

What you have described appears to be a repositioning/reorientation as opposed to a reconfiguration, thus would be legal as per <SG5>.