Answered: Repositioning Robot

I know this question has been asked multiple times on the vex forum, but I am still confused.

What are legal ways to reposition the robot?
Could someone:
rotate robot
slide robot
lift robot up and place it in a different part of the alliance tile

Also if a robot has a autonomous that would score in a goal, but you decided that you don’t want to have your robot score in a goal in autonomous but do nothing.

Could you lift your robot up and hold while the code is running?

For example in this video 1107 B rotates robot, slides robot (sort of), and lifts robot up.

All three of the maneuvers described are legal. For a full set of guidance on what is and isn’t allowed during the Autonomous mode, please see <SG5> of the VEX Gateway Game Manual. I’ve linked a very similar Q&A entry for your reference.