Answered: Request to Power off Robot if Unresponsive During Match

I know <SG4> and <SG5> explicitly state that the only times a robot may be handled is if it is being repositioned or was unable to start/move at the beginning of the match.

However, due to recent events, I am worried about the integrity of our robot during certain glitches with the Cortex, specifically when it fails to respond to the joystick or competition control. If the robot is unresponsive such as it becomes during this video:

it runs the risk of causing severe damage if it runs for an extended period of time.

Could we be allowed to:

  1. If the robot is easily accessible without obstructing any of the robots or game objects, turn off and disconnect the power without moving/changing the state of the robot or game objects during the match.
  2. Be able to do #1 at the end of the match, but before the referees finish scoring?

I realize that what I did at the end of the match should not have been allowed (the moving of the robot), but I would like to know at least if the powering off is legal.

Thank you,

#1 would not be legal, but #2 would be, provided that the referees give you the go ahead to do so.

Okay, thank you Karthik. I’ll see what I can do to prevent such issues from arising.