Answered: Returning Cubes to Floor Goals <G9>

Hello Karthik,

I have a question regarding <G9> and returning cubes to that were removed from the field to a floor goal.

If a robot is in the process of scoring/descoring on the post adjacent to the starting tiles (same colour robot to not violate <SG9>) and drops the the cube outside of the field, how should a ref return the cube? Should it be intentionally placed onto a grey tile, or does it matter whether the ref places the cube into a scored position on a floor goal? I could imagine that this might cause issues if the location the ref returns the cube makes the different in a very close match.

Would this change for any of these situations?

  • Picked up from a grey tile and dropped
  • Picked up from a floor goal and dropped
  • Dropped while descoring from post


<G9> is quite clear.

“Scoring Objects that leave the playing field will be promptly returned to the playing field in approximately the same location from which they exited the field.”
“Note: Scoring Objects will never be returned to the playing field in a Scored/Built position.”

Please see above. Cubes should be returned close to where they exited, but not in a Scored position.

Please see above. Cubes should never be returned in a Scored position.

<G9> applies uniformly in all of these scenarios.

I wasn’t completely sure about what would happen if a cube is removed from the field from the starting tile, thanks for clarifying! Sorry if it seemed like a silly question, I just wanted to be 100% sure.

You’re welcome!