Answered: Returning scoring object to field in autonomous

This situation occurred in a tournament yesterday:

A blue robot was placed on its starting tile in the middle zone, with a buckyball in its claw. At the start of autonomous, the robot jerked forward, then tipped backward onto the field perimeter, dropping the buckyball outside of the field. This appeared to be unintentional.

As per <G8>, the buckyball was promptly returned to the middle zone of the field. However, at the end of autonomous, this was the only score on the field, so the blue alliance won the autonomous bonus with a score of 1-0 over red.

Was this the proper procedure? There was some concern that this was a referee-generated point rather than a robot-scored point. As this happened in two different matches with two different robots we wanted clarification in case it should happen at a tournament in the future.


Yes, this was the proper procedure, as per <G8>, which is quoted below for convenience.

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

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