Answered: Ringmaster Game rule < G11>

Clarification of game rule 11.
​Here is the rule
<G11> Robots may not grasp, grapple, or attach to any Field Elements. Strategies with mechanisms that react against multiple sides of a Field Element in an effort to latch onto said Field Element are prohibited. The intent of this rule is to prevent teams from both unintentionally damaging the field, and from anchoring themselves to the field. Minor violations of this rule that do not affect the match will result in a warning. Score Affecting offenses will result in a Disqualification. Teams that receive multiple warnings may also receive a Disqualification at the Head Referee’s discretion.

​One of the teams loves elevators and is trying to create something that would push the rings up with an elevator and slide the rings onto the vertical poles. They are trying to slide something on the tall post.

​A question from a student: there is a hole in the vertical post. Can I lower an angel beam to touch the vertical post and lean on the post. The tip of the angle beam might touch inside of the post. It is not holding the post, just leaning on it. There is no cap on the posts. ​

​It is my understanding that this is not grasping, grappling or attaching. It is leaning. It does not latch on and it is not damaging the post. It is not anchoring the robot because it does not influence the drivetrain.

Is this OK?
Thank you!

It sounds like you have a good understanding/interpretation of rule <G11>. While it is difficult to provide blanket rulings based off of hypothetical designs, this concept sounds like it would be legal based off of your description. However, be aware that this design could be subject to additional scrutiny from referees or inspectors, and that any form of positive retention (such as clamping onto the Post or using it as an anchor) would be in violation of <G11>.