Answered: Robot Contact

We just had our Big Island tournament and saw several things we wondered about.

  1. Will bots be allowed to box in another bot as long as they are not pinning it against a game element or the field. One bot fell down and the two opponents boxed in the remaining bot for half the game because they had the lead.
  2. How much contact will be allowed? We had one bot blocking a goal turn and knock another bot over on its side. It didn’t appear to be their strategy or intentional. We had other bots with arms reaching inside other bots unintentionally as they collided. Will a warning be given first? How much is too much or what is the threshold before a bot is DQ’ed?
  3. A block that reached over the lowest high goal and broke the vertical plane of the goal was supported by a block on the floor. Does it count?

btw-it was a great tournament with 21 teams and almost even parity between the four in the finals as ownership of the high goals switched faster than the announcer could announce.

Glad to hear your tournament played out well. I know everyone is excited to see this game played out. I know the World Championships will be incredible.

“Penning” or “Boxing in” or “Blocking” another robot is legal as long as no rules are violated (specifically <G9> and <SG4> would be in question). In this situation the robot being “blocked” has room to maneuver and it is their responsibility to overcome the defense being played against them.

Refer to <G9>. This is a judgment call on the part of the head-referee. Elevation is designed to be a highly interactive game. Defensive play (blocking, pushing, etc) is allowed. Unintentional & negative results may occur as a result of this sort of play.

Unfortunately there is no clear line between “normal gameplay” and “malicious and intentional”. Teams should always be wary when their robots interact with others as they may be held responsible for any negative results that occur.

In these situations it is up to the head-referee to determine whether the infraction merits a disqualification of the offending team.

Please refer to the definition of “Scored”

Scored - A cube is scored in a high goal if some part of the cube is within the triangular space defined by the outer edges of the goal, and not touching a robot of the same appliance.
Note: A goal extends infinitely perpendicular to the playing field surface within the goal boundaries.

This definition does not make reference to how the cube is supported. As long as some part of it is within the boundaries of the goal, and not touching a robot of it’s color, it counts…